Lead Pastors
Todd and Lisa Harder
Todd and Lisa have been in full-time ministry for 27 years. They enjoy loving people, and have always enjoyed doing ministry together as a family. They have two boys, Jared and Jordan, and a beautiful daughter-in-law, Kylar. Their favorite past time is drinking good coffee, and spending time with family and friends. 
Worship/Administrative Assistant
Teresa Reynolds
Teresa has faithfully served SOUTHSIDEassembly in leading worship, and Administrative Assistant since 2012. She believes in creating an  atmosphere that invites the congregation to enter into worship, and she takes care of our office needs during the week. Teresa and her husband Joe have been married for 24 years. Combined they have three children and seven grandchildren.
Youth Director/Worship
Corey Nichols
Corey joined our SOUTHSIDEassembly team in 2016.  He faithfully assists with leading the youth, and assisting with worship. Corey and Tabitha enjoy their busy lifestyle of raising 2 boys, Camden and Gabriel.  Their time is filled with family, fun, teenagers and worship!  You can usually find them at the local high school football games in the fall.  While on temporary assignment, Corey and Tabitha have been a wonderful addition to our team.
Children’s Pastor
Leanne Collins
Leanne has been serving SOUTHSIDEassembly as Children’s Pastor since 2008. She teaches our children about Christ, and His love for us, in a fun and engaging manner, and she is passionate about doing so. Leanne is married to her husband, Steve, and together they have two children.